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Collecting Twitter Data with Naoyun

Naoyun is a software that create a bridge between Twitter and Gephi with their own Stream API.

You can « follow » hashtags, words or users on twitter and display them as a network in Gephi in real time.

Prerequisite :

You need to download Naoyun, go to http://matthieu-totet.fr/Koumin/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Naoyun_V3.1.zip

You need to have an Twitter account.

If no ? create an account go to https://twitter.com/.

User Interface :

Figure 1

Stream Sample Function collecting 10% of all traffic data in Twitter

Naoyun have 3 network logic :

  • TwittFullGrapher : Makes a complete graph by representing users, hashtags, tweet, media, links and their connection.
  • TwitterUserNetwork : Represent only the relation between users.
  • GeoTwitt : Just display Twitt with Geo localisation

Step 1 :

After the download of Naoyun, decompressing it.

Launch the application by clicking on the Naoyun.bat / Naoyun.sh.

Figure 2

Step 2 :

Select the URL and copy (Ctrl + C) in the clipboard for paste (Ctrl + P) in the browser

Figure 3

Login with your Twitter account for getting the PIN code and return to the console for paste it

Figure 4

Step 3 :

Here, by right clicking, you can activate defined Network Logic and link them to a Gephi Streamer.

Figure 5

If you select a Network logic, it will show you in green the gephi platform where the graph will be try to be send.

Figure 6

Step 4 :

The other tabs show you the streamer stracking part.

You can define words and user to follow.

Figure 7

The start button will launch the twitter streaming with the current tracking items define here

Step 5 :

Launch Gephi and start a new Projet.

Go to the Streaming tab and start the Streaming server.

Figure 8

If it’s all right, and if there is activity on your research, you should see some edges and nodes party in Gephi.

I start to stream, but nothing happens on Gephi ?

You should verify:

  • The Gephi instance you want to reach is correctly defined and linked to a Running network logic.
  • The host is reachable at the address you gave (firewall ?)
  • Nothing is running on the same port (Tomcat, Glassfish etc… )
  • You started the streaming server in Gephi